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About our school*

Being situated on the outskirts of Port City Chittagong, P. H. Amin Academy is one of the historically renowned high schools of this area (South Kattali).  As the local history says, this institution was established in 1942. The establishment and development of this School can be historically traced back through the meaningful foresight and remarkable collaboration between two respected and generous landlord  of this locality (Pran Hori Das and Dr Fazlul Amin). The invaluable efforts of those visionaries, later followed by their successors and other local inhabitants immensely contributed towards the  current position of this school.

Since its establishment, P. H. Amin Academy is playing an inevitable role towards the educational development of this locality. It has around 2500 students and every year roughly 500 of them are obtaining their Secondary School Certificate from here under the heartiest supervision of a group of dedicated teachers.

Although, the recent rapid urban development of school surroundings have distorted its unique natural landscapes of twentieth century; the environmental splendour of this institution is still quite attractive including the lavish greenery, lovely playground, eye catching scenery of ‘the bay of Bengal’ from the roof top and so on.

Each year, P. H. Amin Academy is producing a significant number of alumni who are serving the mankind at the later stage of their life not only within the country but also around the globe. We feel proud to be an alumnus of this School.

*[The above information is amendable and is subjected to authentic sources ]

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